Around Campus

Las Positas students stand in front of a blue tongued skink at the Oakland Zoo’s conservation mobile live animal station. The mobile zoo came to LPC on Oct. 1. The Skink, named Azul, is handled by Felicia Walker, an eight year veteran member of the Oakland Zoo.


Corey Johnson, investigative reporter for California Watch, delivers the keynote address to students at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges  (JACC) northern California conference on Sept. 22, 2012. Johnson was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his piece “On Shaky Ground,” an expose on widespread negligence by the state of California in making public school buildings safe in the event of earthquakes. Johnson urged attended to put principles first. “You are our future,” Johnson said as he ended his speech. “If you welcome and accept that responsibility, that you be that person, then the American people will be smarter, better and will live in a brighter day.”

An LPC student stops and views one of the four six-foot-tall banners advertising the benefit of adoption and pro-life sentiments by showing images of dead fetuses at various stages of development on Sept. 17. On this day the Las Positas College quad played host to a Christian ministry group named “Project Truth” and more than eight of their members and two children. Members of the group stopped students and proceeded to inform them of the benefits of making sure that every pregnancy came to full-term. When Bud Reeves, a minster and a ring leader for the group, was asked about why every pregnancy including those conceived from rape needed to come to term he said, “You got people walking around this campus who are happy and were conceived from rape.”

The Around Campus section in this paper is a new way for photographers around Las Positas College to contribute to the newspaper. Images from different photographers will be featured in every edition of “The Express” newspaper. Submitted images are required should be relevant to the LPC campus, have a description of the image, along with the photographers name.