LPC’s Naked magazine set to release in January 2012

Martin Gallegos

Staff Writer

Let’s all get Naked!

Naked Magazine will be coming in the Fall semester.  If you are unfamiliar with the inner workings of the magazine, let me break it down for you.  The instructor for the magazine class is Melissa Korber, who is also the adviser for The Express newspaper.  The class meets every thursday.

The magazine itself is run by editor in chief Trevin Smith.  Having worked for the newspaper, Smith is familiar with the pressure that comes with being an editor.  He is up to the challenge.

“As the editor in chief, I walk a fine line of having to crack the whip but at the same time keep people wanting to come back,” Smith said.

The magazine only comes out once a year every January.  This gives writers the opportunity to put together a high quality story if they can use their time wisely.  The staff has been hard at work with story assignments having been given on the first day of school and during mid-terms.  Usually there is one main lede story but for this issue the magazine team is working hard on two different lede stories.

The first one will focus on the culture of cyber bullying.  We will see how it originated and how it is going on today.

The second story looks at the sanguinarian lifestyle going on in the bay area.  For those who don’t know, sanguinarianism is a vampire lifestyle which includes drinking blood, and the strange sexual practices that go on.

The goal of the magazine is to reach out to as many people as they can.  In order to do this, they must build an audience and in the ever-evolving technology in our world, social media is huge.

“The magazine piggybacks off the newspaper for distribution, but we want to get out to Livermore and the surrounding area as much as we can,” Smith said.  “We’re also building our website and linking up with our twitter and facebook.”

Rosemary Plute, who is in charge of Public Relations, intends to use social media to expand the following for the magazine.

“Social media has been the biggest thing we are focusing on,” Plute said.  “Beyond Livermore, we are getting support from all across the country because of friends and family members.”

As far as the cover goes, we all know not to judge a book by its cover.  However, the cover is very important when trying to make a magazine look good.  It has been a struggle to figure out a cover with ideas being thrown out every day, but Smith feels that they will figure it out soon.

Since day one we have talked about the cover with idea after idea being scrapped,” Smith said.  “What we can agree on is that the cover will be a random photo that will represent the magazine and the approach we are trying to make, it’s going to be an artsy minimalist cover for an artsy minimalist magazine.”


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