Lady Hawks seem on pace for a good season

Beginning the season at 6-4, a vast improvement from last season, the Lady Hawks have four games left to prepare for conference play

Jason Leskiw

Sports Editor

Doing a tad better than the men’s squad, sporting a record of 6-4 so far this season.  Two of those four losses were against the same team also, Modesto, who the Lady Hawks don’t have on their schedule anymore during the regular season.

The real test for the Lady Hawks will come in early January however; with conference play beginning at home against Foothill College on January 11.

Until then, the team will have only four games during the month of December to prepare; something that head coach Clarence Morgan has been visibly frustrated with.

“The non-conference games are when we can really see what we got,” Morgan said.

“With only four, it’s going to be a real challenge to figure all of that out.”

Sophomore forward Carlie Bonderer has been the rock of the team, scoring 27 points in the team opener at Lassen College in Susanville, to go along 14 rebounds.  Bonderer also led the team in scoring in a win against Napa with 22 points.

Brianna Estrada and Stephanie Eubanks have been an intriguing part of the roster, from scoring or simply moving the ball to the right person.

After the month of December ends, coach Morgan should still have a good idea of what his roster can do. Eubanks, who played forward last season, is now starting at point guard during her sophomore season.

Bonderer also switched positions, while Cierra Green has been absent from the bench for unknown reasons.  One major change from the past season is the presence of an assistant coach.  Tiffany Ducker, who played set records while in college at Oregon state has taken a serious role in practices.

“I give (Ducker) a lot of leeway,” said Morgan. “I think she’s going to make a great head coach one day.”

Morgan has a resume that would lead most people to think that he know’s his stuff and ideally for the Lady Hawks, that would rub off on them.  The contrast in records from last season suggests it may have already.

There will be 12 games for the team in January and February, and the team should need to win six or more to be in the postseason.

From there however, the team will more than likely face Modesto once more, and need to win to compete further.


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