LPC music classes host bi-annual recital

Joshua Basrai
A&E Editor
Sounds of the piano, songbird voices mixed with a little choreography flooded the main stage theater on Nov. 28. The LPC music department held their bi-annual music recital on Nov. 28.
Near the end of every semester the Vocal, Musical theater and Music 38 classes perform what is essentially their final on stage.
“A lot of them (students) never have a chance to play on a beautiful big stage,” said Cindy Browne Rosefield, LPC music instructor. “This gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents.”
Near the end of the semester, select students are chosen to perform in the music department recital.  Students choose their own piece with instructor approval. Performances include all sorts of instruments and vocals chosen from popular musicals.
Essentially these are the best vocalists, pianists or musicians that LPC has to offer.
The performance itself was captivating. LPC students Rachel Esteller and Sam Leeper stole the show with their song from “Stud and a Babe” from the 1997 musical “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now change.” Members of the audience laughed hysterically during their performance.
Other performances included LPC student Audra Collins who performed “O mio babbino caro” in Italian from the opera “Gianni Schicchi.” Despite being performed in Italian, audience members rejoiced at Collins’s vocal talent. KJ Brown and Elise Ebbinghaus performed “Music of the Night” from the very famous “Phantom of the Opera” as well.
Each year the music department holds two of these recitals, and the results are different every time.
“It always varies. It depends on what students we have. They choose the pieces and their instructor OKs it, “Rosefield said.  “Last semester we had a lot of jazz and other instruments. This semester we had mostly piano and one trumpet piece”
Students at LPC can catch the next musical performance on Dec. 1 during the Jazz Night Concert performance. Cindy Rosefield will host the event.


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