LPC gets ready for ICC dodgeball tournament

Jason Leskiw
Sports Editor
Friday November 30 marked the beginning of club dodgeball tournament that has been apart of LPC culture for several years.
Business Club, International Students Club, International Business Club, Chemistry and Journalism Club are regulars in the tournament but there are several other clubs that came to the competition.
These clubs compete for $300 in funds during the biannual ICC dodgeball tournament.  The tournament however has had a recent history of mismanagement and cheating.
During last springs competition, the Chemistry club lodged a complaint to the officials that the Business club was cheating and vise-versa.
The complaints were not without merit either as Sophomore Roy Rissas, who is six-foot-seven and started on the LPC men’s basketball team, was documented while playing for a club he was not apart of.
There has also been complaints regarding the lack of a bracket, which The Express has available online.
Another primary complaint was that players would not exit the game when hit by a ball.
The game is has been played primarily on the honor system and while there are two to three referees, the tournament has multiple matches going on at once.
Onto the more positive and entertaining, club members often dress to a theme.
Chemistry club dressed up in white lab coats and goggles last spring and other clubs dressed up as super heroes and movie characters.
Journalism Club member Diego Castillo dressed as Will Ferrell from the movie “Dodgeball.”
Whichever club wins will be able to spend the $300 on anything they choose, as long as it is within the ICC rules and bylaws.
Any club can compete as long as they are registered and have eight members on their team.


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