LPC dance class prepares for performance

Rebekka Wiedenmeyer
Staff Writer
Las Positas College is home to a diverse population of students interested in pursuing different activities. One such activity available for students to pursue is dance.
Over thirty students make up Dance 6, a course that encourages students to produce choreography for the purpose of performance. The students of Dance 6 will be presenting their mostly self-choreographed performance of ‘Turning Through Time’ on Dec. 8 as a grand finale to the fall semester.
“The dances in this show will bring you back to the past and then into the future,” said LPC student and dancer Leslie Paiz.
Beginning in September, a select number of students began to choreograph solos, duos and group numbers for the remainder of the students to learn. Previous dance instructor Vickie Frye also contributed. Over the past two and a half months, the students have learned, practiced and repeated the steps in order to make them as perfect as possible.
“Dancers and choreographers have dedicated themselves to rehearsing and working to create a great show,” Paiz said. “Running dances over and over, changing choreography, setting formations and picking out costumes are all a part of making this performance possible.”
The show showcases the evolution of dance since the beginning of time in a series of solos, duos and group numbers. These transformations include a caveman-themed piece, a geisha dance, and even a contemporary burlesque number.
Some dances hold deeper meanings than others. One demonstrates the past during times of segregation, while another is a tribute to the families affected by Hurricane Katrina.
“My piece will be showing the rebuilding that so many families had to do after Hurricane Katrina,” Paiz said.
Next week, the students of Dance 6 will be heading into ‘hell’ week, an affectionate term the theater uses for tech week. Beginning Sunday, the dancers will rehearse every day of the week until performance day, practicing with lighting, props and formations.
“Rehearsals can sometimes be tough, but everything always comes together by show day,” said LPC student and soloist in the show Ryan Cairel.
‘Turning Through Time’, directed by dance instructor Faith Blevins, will be presented in the Main Stage Theater on Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $8 for students and staff and $12 for general admission. They can be purchased through brownpapertickets.com.


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