Basketball team lacks discipline

Jason Leskiw
Sports Editor
The Hawks lost to Hartnell College in a game that had no late margin of less than five points.
The score was 40-41 entering the second half but double fouls on point guard BT Shabazz, one being a technical, made the loss even more frustrating for LPC.
It wasn’t the same starting five however this time around at the tip-off, this time Jacob Contreras spearheaded a group of players that normally came off the bench.
During that first half, there was no wide-open lead for either team but LPC did lead for the majority of the game.
During the second half- when the normal starting five entered the game- Hartnell was able to take a commanding lead right away and ran off with the game.
The technical called on Shabazz came after he yelled an expletive just when he was being called for an offensive foul.  It was a mistake that has become all too cliche’ for the freshman guard.
Shabazz was a non-factor for the majority of the game and Conteras shined in his absence of light.
It’s not uncommon for the LPC basketball team to begin the season looking rusty but this year appears to be much different that seasons passed.
Shabazz’s technical should have been a one way ticket to the bench. It wasn’t.
The fouls committed and the inability to harness the team emotion to create a run for LPC was the reason they lost.
The only lead for LPC came with the second string on the court during the first half, something reminiscent of last years Golden State Warriors “Dubstitutes,” who played just as well as many NBA starting five.
Maybe these bench players shouldn’t be sitting on cushioned folding chairs and maybe they should be on the court more than the typical group of players.
After all, they earned the right during Wednesday’s game.


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