A day in the life of an LPC cross country runner

Martin Gallegos
Staff Writer
Michael Jordan had his daily 100 free throws, Jerry Rice had his famous hill that he always ran on.
Great athletes usually follow a daily routine.  It is no different for LPC sophomore cross country runner Jesse Chestnut.  With a wake up time of 8 a.m., Chestnut has a light breakfast and then begins the daily grind.
“It’s not uncommon for me to go on a short 30 minute run for about four miles every morning,” Chestnut said.
This is all before beginning his regular school schedule at Chabot College, where he is taking over 20 units this semester.  The morning runs are just part of the weekly running regimen.  During the season, Chestnut often runs 70 miles a week.  In order to fit so many miles into the week, he has to run doubledays three times a week.  It seems like having such a busy schedule would make it difficult to keep a good balance between school and running, but for Chestnut it’s easy.
“It’s pretty easy to set aside time in my life to run, I can get a good workout in about an hour,” Chestnut said.
In his freshman year Chestnut was only running 30-40 miles a week, but after devastating injury put a halt to his season, he decided to ramp up his training.  The extra work he put in has paid off.
“My main goal was to stay healthy for the entire season this year,” Chestnut said.  “Last year I injured my leg so I decided to train harder this season to get stronger.”
Chestnut was rewarded for the dedication to his craft.  Not only did he stay healthy, he was arguably the top runner on the team and highlighted his season with a first place finish in a field of 89 runners at the Toro Park Invitational in Hartnell, California this past October.
Some might credit the success he has had to long grueling running sessions or pumping iron in the weight room, but what is the number one exercise according to Chestnut?  Something we all do.  Sleep.
“I make an attempt to get as much sleep as possible,” Chestnut said.  “Without sleep I wouldn’t have the energy to perform at my best.”
Chestnut’s running career at LPC is at an end, but he still has goals of running at a four year school.  Having competed with schools like San Jose State, Saint Mary’s University, and UC Davis, these schools definitely had to take note of the strong consistent performances that were put on by the sophomore runner.
“Two of my teammates from last year (Will Weekes and Scott Trummer) are now running at universities, hopefully I can follow them,” Chestnut said.  “I still have some athletic goals I want to accomplish.”
When it comes down to it, Chestnut won’t take all the credit for his success this year.  He deflects the attention to his coaches.  As one of the leaders of the team, he appreciates the amount of work the coaches put in to have every runner prepared for every meet.
“Coach Navarro, coach Robinson and coach Smyth did a good job preparing me for the season,” Chestnut said. “They deserve the credit.”


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