LPC History professor publishes historical thriller

Joshua Basrai
A&E editor
Chalk up Dr. Stuart McElderry as the latest professor at LPC to get published. With his new historical thriller, “The Barcelona File,” LPC history professor Dr. McElderry is now officially published. Released on Oct. 3, the book extends for 294 pages, but it reflects four years of hard work and dedication from Dr. McElderry. After a long nail-biting and gritty process, the book is now available on Amazon, iPads, or in the LPC bookstore. “I’ve always wanted to write at least one history-based novel, especially about a history professor,” McElderry said. ”What I don’t like about a lot of those spy or international thrillers is that the protagonist is either a know-it-all, or a James Bond-like character. My protagonist is just a normal history professor.”
The book is a fictional historical thriller that follows Lee Tomlinson, a history professor who uncovers information that the government has been withholding. Already struggling through a devastating divorce and an alcohol-related meltdown, this discovery could prove to be the revival for the struggling Berkeley historian’s career.
Tomlinson uncovers information that suggests Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun escaped Berlin in 1945 with help from the United States and Great Britain. Uncovering this information proves to be extremely risky for the very normal history professor.
The book covers many controversial topics, but McElderry insists that it separates itself from certain cliché historical thrillers.
The true of Hitler and Braun’s demise has been a subject of debate among historians. Contrary to the popular belief that Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide — many conspiracy theorists believe that Hitler was actually exiled in Argentina.
“I was intrigued by telling a good story, but I also wanted to make it historically interesting,” McElderry said. “Not just in terms of content, but how historians debate the facts.”
McElderry has always wanted to write a book, finding the dedication and time was the hardest part.
“I think the hardest part is the discipline it takes to sit down and write. We all have wonderful ideas and stories to tell,” McElderry said.  “What separates those who actually get it done and those who don’t are the ones who actually sit there and write. Even when you don’t want to write, you have to force yourself. It takes practice.”
Despite several speed bumps, and long tedious hours of writing, McElderry is just getting started.
“I mainly did the research on my own. I would get up at 4 o’clock every morning and write until 6. I still keep that schedule because I’m working on a sequel.”
No target date for the sequel has been set, but for now the tentative title is “The Portland Manuscript.”
Getting the book published the traditional method proved to be a cumbersome process. To get the book published, McElderry used CreateSpace, an innovative self-publishing method for authors or musicians to get their material published digitally or electronically. For the cover, McElderry kept it in-house by having it designed in the LPC design shop. LPC instructor Eric Berendt facilitated design of the cover along with help from students in his class.
Students can catch Dr. McElderry discussing his new book, “The Barcelona File,” on Thursday Nov. 29 from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Black Box Theater. A book signing from 6 to 7 p.m. will follow the lecture.  Refreshments will also be provided.


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