State Election Results

Proposition 30 – Raises taxes on those making more than $250 thousand a year and raises the sales tax by a quarter of a cent to fund California’s public education system. Prevents a $6 billion cut to schools.
Proposition 35 – Increases penalties for the crime of human trafficking. Penalties can now equal 12 years to life and fines can equal $1.5 million.
Proposition 36 – Amends California’s “three strikes” law to only sentence convicts to life in prison if their third crime is serious or violent.
Proposition 39 – Closes a loophole in the state’s tax code that previously allowed busi- nesses to pay less taxes. Could net the state $1 billion in addi- tional revenue.
Proposition 40 – Approves new state senate district lines.
Proposition 31 – Effort to reform the manner in which the
state legislature puts together its budget.
Proposition 32 – Would have limited labor unions ability to collect political contributions.
Proposition 33 – An attempt to amend how driver’s insur- ance coverage could be priced.
Proposition 34 – Would have ended the use of the death pen- alty in California.
Proposition 37 – Would have required food which had been genetically modified to be labeled.
Proposition 38 – A compet- ing measure to Proposition 30. Would have also funded public education, and would have nul- lified 30 had it received more votes.
Local measure FAILED:
Measure I – Would have levied a $28 a year parcel tax to fund the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District. Would have provided $5.6 mil- lion annually to the district.


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