‘Repetition’ policy to affect class retakes

Angelica Estacio
Staff Writer
Two new policies could leave Las Positas College students with fewer enrollment possibilities next school year.
The repetition and repeatability policies, which will limit the number of times certain classes can be taken. These policies are expected to cause many complications.
One of these is how students will be able to fulfill their requirements for transfer or certification if they can no longer retake a required subject.
Professor Jeremiah Bodnar, LPC Chair of the Curriculum Committee, said that students could be pushed out of classes through two different ways.
“‘Repeatability’ is if you have already taken a class and passed it, in which case you won’t be able to retake it,” Bodnar said. “And ‘Repetition’ is if you get a substandard grade and you won’t be able to take it again for the fourth time within the Las Positas–Chabot district.”
The Repetition policy, which officially took effect summer this year and can be seen in LPC’s latest admission brochure, can present setbacks for students who started off with rough records.
The policy states that a student who earned a substandard grade (D, F, NP, NC, W) can take the class a total of three times.
All attempts taken by the student even before summer semester within the Chabot-Las Positas District is also counted in the repetition limit.
LPC’s Vice President of Student Services Diana Rodriguez and Dean of Enrollment Management Sylvia Rodriguez said that despite foreseen challenges in implementing the repetition policy, they believe it will be beneficial for the school in the long run.
“Currently LPC enjoys one of the highest transfer rates in the state and we will work hard to maintain that status,” Diana said.
“This new legislation will help students to identify their goals sooner and outline the courses they need to complete that goal which will, hopefully, help those who wish to transfer enjoy a seamless process.”
However, for students who find themselves in the position of failing a core class for the third time, Bodnar explains there are two possible alternatives.
“There’s very little that they can do other than go to Ohlone or some other college outside our district,” Bodnar said. “In some cases, it’ll be possible to take a different class to make-up for the G.E. requirement.”
Diana Rodriguez also offers her own piece of advice for students.
“I would encourage all students to see a Counselor as soon as they feel overwhelmed or unsure of their success in a class,” Diana Rodriguez said. “A Counselor can help with coping strategies and/or make appropriate referrals for additional support.”
“Also, I would encourage student to utilize the Tutoring Center which offers free tutoring services.”


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