LPC students name ‘Call of Duty’ best military game

William Charuhas
Staff Writer
Ever since the earliest consoles, military games have always been popular. Whether it’s the first person shooters (FPS) of the console and PC or games like “War Commander” on Facebook, it is one of the most dominant genres in gaming.
The reason why military games are popular is mostly a matter of opinion. Some people prefer FPS’s while other prefer real time strategy games. Students at LPC were asked to name their top five military games, these are the most popular answers.
Call of Duty
Call of Duty is arguably the most popular FPS on the market right now. With one look, it’s easy to see why. In just about every Call of Duty game the single player campaign gives the player a very cinematic experience. The game doesn’t portray how it really is in the military, this is definitely Hollywood’s military.
The multiplayer varies from game to game but over the course of the franchise, the series has become known for some of the best free-for-all matches.
Whether its showing your prowess in a match of “Gun Game” or getting the winning point with a ricochet tomahawk throw in a standard free-for-all, Call of Duty online matches offer some serious fun.
Most people would regard the Battlefield franchise as the chief competitor to Call of Duty. Some of the previous games like “Battlefield: Bad Company” and “Battlefield 3” have had a single player campaign, and while those modes were good, they didn’t have the flair that other military single player games have.
So what does Battlefield do that makes them stand alone from all the other games?
That would have to be their multiplayer. Why? One word: vehicles. Want to fly (or try to fly) a helicopter and deposit your teammates in the enemy base? Done. Want to ram your jet into an enemy jet only to bail out at the last minute, land in the enemy base and steal one of their vehicles? Go for it. Want to get in a tank and have your team put explosives all over it, drive that tank into the enemy stronghold and then blow it up?
Its your party, make the other team cry if you want to.
The Halo franchise is something of an oddity. When the first game, “Halo: Combat Evolved” first appeared, there were claims that it didn’t really do anything innovative (especially compared to the PC shooters at the time). However, most agreed that the game was very strong from start to finish.
Players take control of a soldier who is primarily known as the Master Chief and must fight to save humanity against the alien Covenant. So, human soldiers fighting off an alien invasion, we’ve heard this before. But just because it sounds familiar doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the most engaging games in recent decades.
What makes the Halo franchise a success was its critical reception. Every review praised the game in one form or another and everyone who has owned the game loves it. Word of mouth couldn’t have been more positive and the entries that came after the first Halo have been capitalizing on that success ever since. The upcoming “Halo 4” marks the return of the series as well as a new enemy, the Prometheans. So while the Halo franchise may not have been revolutionary, it’s certainly been a fun and worthwhile investment.
Metal Gear
This franchise is easily the oldest on this list and it also has one of the more interesting twists on this list as far as gameplay goes. Over the majority of the franchise, players assume the role of a special forces operative code-named “Solid Snake.” The objective is to avoid combat by sneaking past enemy guards, though the game is flexible enough in that it will allow you to approach almost any situation in a number of different ways.
Unlike the rest of the games on this list, this franchise has little to no online play, instead focusing on single player mode. Snake’s recurring nemesis in the franchise is a walking bipedal tank code named “Metal Gear” along with people and organizations that seek to use “Metal Gear” for their own purposes.
While the original game was made back in 1987, most fans agree that the franchise really took off with the 1998 release “Metal Gear Solid.” “Metal Gear Solid’s” story and gameplay were top-notch. Its battles against the game’s bosses like “Psycho Mantis” and “Liquid Snake” that make for some of the most truly shocking moments and helped make this franchise a winner.
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon
The Ghost Recon franchise, at first glance, seems to be just like other military shooter games, but it differentiates itself by letting the player take control of a squad of men as opposed to just one soldier. In the series, the player is given control over a special forces squad similar to Delta Force or the Navy SEALS and you’re deployed on highly classified missions around the world. You could direct your team to take an enemy strongpoint while you provide covering fire or you could lead the charge and have your team cover you.
The majority of the games are set in the not-too-distant future (for example, “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” is set in 2024), so there are some gadgets, like invisibility camouflage, at your disposal that don’t exist in the real world, but they offer impressive gameplay options nonetheless.
With Tom Clancy’s name in the title, the stories in the franchise are almost always going to focus on some sort of political or military intrigue. If you like “Patriot Games” or “Hunt for the Red October,” then this franchise is right up your alley.


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