Hawks basketball season gets underway

Jason Leskiw
Sports Editor
It’s November and that means a few things.  Political discussions are in full swing, turkeys are being stocked like dairy products at your local supermarket and the basketball season is upon us.

Last season, the women’s basketball program faltered badly in conference play while the men’s team finished near the top, two games from the state championship.
This year, both teams have practiced hard and both are under control of new coaches, with young rosters.  Coaches Clarence Morgan and Ward Farris are optimistic that the teams at Las Positas, donning white and red will succeed in this new season.

The season will open for both teams with the LPC tip-off classic this weekend for the men’s team and a road trip to Lassen for the women.  The LPC tip-off is a yearly tournament with seven other schools, hosted at the LPC athletics facility otherwise referred to as “The Nest.”  The men’s team begins their games on Thursday, while the women play Saturday.

Both the Lady Hawks along with the men have traditionally been very competitive in seasons past and will always be a part of the division champion conversation at the beginning of any season.
For the Lady Hawks, coach Morgan has only one thing in mind for non-conference games.

“If we do our stuff right, then that’s all that matters,” said Morgan.  “These girls have been working hard, practicing fundamentals and there are a few that are good and don’t even know how good yet.”

Morgan has made some major position switches for two returning players, Carlie Bonderer will be playing forward and Stefanie Eubanks, a forward last season, will be playing point guard.

“I asked Stefanie if she had ever played point, she seemed so natural.  She told me that she played it all throughout High School,” Morgan said.

Bonderer was switched to forward because her size is compliant with the size of most Division I forwards in the NCAA.

Size is one thing that the men’s team does not have however.
There are only four players on the roster of 14 that are taller than six-foot-two.  The tallest of those is a freshman, center Jordan Wolfe who stands at six-foot-eight.

The size matchups should prove troublesome for the team this season and after the way that sister school Chabot College has been looking in practice, there may be more difficulties ahead.  Chabot is very much in sync and even the most trained eye could have problems differentiating the first team from the second.

The Coast Conference North is one of the most competitive divisions in the state and includes San Francisco City College along with Foothill and Skyline Colleges.

For the LPC players however, this is not necessarily a bad thing as a player from last season was able to use this to his advantage.

Former Hawks forward Jarred Jourdan will be playing Georgetown University with his new school in Virginia, Liberty University.  This game will be streamed online at ESPN3.com Wednesday Nov. 14 at 7 p.m.


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