Behind the Scenes: An inside look at LPC’s children’s theatER

Alex Lopez
Photo Editor
Halloween arrived early on Oct. 30 with a call time of 8:30 p.m. at Livermore’s Our Savior Lutheran School. The cast of  make-believe flowers, queens, knights and other memorable “Alice In Wonderland” characters arrive at the location of their second to last performance of the year. The cast of 25 and 6 crew members make their way into the chapel to begin preparations for their first private school performance. The flats go up, the queens get dressed and grins of excitement appear. Pre-show jitters fill the air. The doors open and the church’s pulpit fill with children ready to be entertained by Lewis Carroll’s second installment of the “Alice and Wonderland” series, “Through the Looking Glass.”
Earlier this semester, the Theater 5: Children’s Theater class was filled with mostly “green” students knowing little to nothing about theater. A 26 year veteran speech teacher and first time instructor for this class, Janet Brehe Johnson took the reigns of this ensemble to produce a play that not only teaches the class about acting for children, but also keeping the audience filled with tiny Pre-Kindergartners to squirming in their seats fourth graders fixated on the stage.
Halfway through the forty-minute show, the children are jumping out of their seats, roaring with laughter. The Knights have hit the stage and have begun their choreographed sword fight.  “This Pratfall humor reaches a variety of age groups,” Johnson said.


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