ASLPC senator resigns from position

Angelica Estacio
Staff writer

Student leadership is perhaps one of the most sought after advocacy in many universities and community colleges such as Las Positas.

However, not all students realize that as enticing as holding a leadership position may be, the responsibilities that come along with it might be more than they can handle.

This particular dilemma is perhaps why Johnny Romero had to step down as a senator from The Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC).

In a student senate meeting held on Oct. 19, ASLPC Vice President Christina Aboud presented a letter of resignation from Romero.

The letter merely stated that the former senator has officially left the student senate as of the day before.

Romero’s resignation did not come as a surprise to his colleagues and to ASLPC advisor Cynthia Ross.

During the aforementioned meeting, Aboud disclosed that Romero was up for impeachment or removal from the senate due to failure to perform tasks.

According to ASLPC bylaws, which were signed in April of this year, senators are expected to perform assigned tasks — such as submit committee reports and senator reports — in a timely manner. Senators are allowed only two unexcused absences per semester to scheduled meetings or events.

Romero, who became senator on Aug. 21, failed to abide by these and therefore became eligible for impeachment. His decision, however, was to voluntarily give up his leadership position.

And although his service may be short-termed, Romero’s contributions are still appreciated by everyone he worked with.

“He seemed to be an interested student, and somebody who really wanted to give back to the campus,” Ross said. “Sometimes incoming freshmen don’t realize the amount of work that’s required at college level and they think they can do everything,”

Ross said that although this may not be the exact case with Romero, it remains a common cause for students who drop out of the student senate.


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