LPC’s theater program performs ‘Looking Glass Land’

Joshua Basrai

With psychedelic scenery and flamboyant colors, the LPC theater program has really outdone itself with their upcoming play “Looking Glass Land.”

Janet Brehe-Johnson, the play’s director and an LPC instructor, is very enthusiastic about the upcoming production. After several months of hard work, the finished product is finally here.  Students heavily involved in the production are also optimistic for a show that looks to entertain people of all ages.

“We are all so excited about the show, and it would be great to get the word out,” Johnson said. “It’s a large, talented cast, and we are all having a great time.”

Based on Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass,” the sequel to “Alice in Wonderland” attendees can expect wild and zany scenery reminiscent of a psychedelic mushroom trip. With talking flowers, sword fighting, a baseball game and a guest appearance by the Jabberwocky viewers can expect classical elements of Carroll’s work intertwined with a modern vibe. Student-actors have really stepped out of their element and the quirky voice-overs should leave everyone entertained

“It’s fun because I get to be a character I wouldn’t normally be,” said Lauren Sampson, who plays the Red Queen. “It’s really fun to use silly voices, but it’s hard because I’ve taken myself out of my element. It’s fun because you get to be a character you’re not used to playing in an environment you’re not used to being in.”

From memorizing lines to constructing props, everything you will see in their upcoming production has been done by students.  Students have also channeled their inner fashionista in themselves by designing their own costumes.

“It’s been very fun since I play the White Queen, but also very hard,” LPC student Jenalla Presley said. “I’ve gotten really close with everybody and the camaraderie we’ve built has been special”.

The show itself is made for people of all ages. It will provide children and adults alike with familiar characters, conflict and contrast, word play, and lots of fun and frolic while at the same time showcasing LPC’s theatrical talent.

“I’ve had a lot of fun working on this,” said Craig Whitaker, LPC student, who plays Hatta. “I love working with children, and what I love most about doing children’s plays is you never know what inspires a child. You never know what they’ll remember most. I’ve had one line in a play before and found out that the kids liked my character the most. You just never know.”

All the hard work will soon pay off, as the cast of “Looking Glass Land” will begin touring Oct. 16 at Frederikson Elementary school in Dublin.

The production is comprised of 31 students in the Theater 5 class, 25 of them are cast mem- bers, while six are involved in production.

“Everybody who wants to be in the show gets to be in it,” Johnson said. “We do auditions once the class starts, and some students are even playing multiple parts.”
You can catch the performance for free on Oct. 19 at 7:00 p.m. or Oct. 20 at 2:00 p.m.


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