Las Positas professor showcases his artistic creations

Eric Ocasio

Las Positas College professor Bill Paskewitz has dedicated his life toward celebrating art.

Paskewitz’s 24 year career at LPC culminates this October with his latest endeavor at the Figurehead Gallery. “Coming off the Wall” is an exhibition of Paskewitz’s selected watercolor and oil paintings.

Aptly named, “Coming off the Wall” the art collection features pieces that create the illusion of animation.

Each painting “comes off ” the wall, both aesthetically and symbolically.

The paintings are unconventional.

“Dancing Light” portrays two statues “coming off ” the façade of a building, arms raised proudly.

In “Figuration,” a statue of a man shaded in bright blue examines his own figure as he steps off a column.

Most of the pieces appear to represent statues realizing their humanity.

Paskewitz marches beside his bold work as he explains the ideology of donning two neckties.

“I knew it would upset at least one person,” Paskewitz said.

The reception drew a large crowd. The one-year-old gallery lent a sharp, modern edge to the

Despite the professional setting, the event felt like a home coming party among family and friends.

Beaming faces strolled in from 6 to 9 p.m. glancing around the gallery, searching for Paskewitz— everybody wanted to hear his poignant commentary about his latest work.

The attendees included former students, collaborators and local artists all boisterously meeting or catching up with one another.

“I have a growing realization that life is more about people than great works of art or grand places,” Paskewitz said.

Bill has indeed visited grand places and met many people over his 38-year career teaching art. “Coming off the Wall” features imaginings of iconic landmarks spanning from Egypt to Russia.

Despite the international appeal, Paskewitz’s most poignant and human piece is a small, humble classroom-scape of a preconstruction Las Positas College titled “Lost View”.

“This view doesn’t exist anymore” said Paskewitz. “It was a fantastic view,”

“Coming off the Wall” is an extraordinary gallery.

It is more than a featured exhibit—it is a monument to the pinnacle of Las Positas history and culture.


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