Transfer day is pulled off despite loss of leader

Bekka Wiedenmeyer

Despite the loss of LPC’s Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Day is still going strong.

On Sept. 25, Las Positas College played host over forty colleges and universities touring California. From Sacramento State to UC Santa Barbara, Chicago School of the Arts to UN Reno, college representatives sat at tables lined up and down the breezeways surrounding the 700 building, waiting to answer questions from LPC students interested in transferring to their schools of choice.

The event is usually organized by Scheanelle Green, former Transfer Coordinator at LPC. The Transfer Coordinator position, however, was left empty at the beginning of the fall semester when seven classified faculty members were laid off. A combination of members from Student Services and the Transfer Center teamed together this semester to make Transfer Day as successful as possible.

“It went pretty well this semester,” Barbara Morrissey, counselor and interim Transfer Director at LPC, said. “I just don’t think anyone in Student Services realized the volume of work involved with it. I think that’s the missing piece that people didn’t realize. But it was covered just fine today. The help we’ve had is great.”

The kind of work that goes into making Transfer Day the opportunity it is for students involves waiting for the college representatives to sign up, confirming the college representatives that have signed up, making fliers, preparing the tables, and getting the word out as much as possible. This is only the beginning of the Transfer Day responsibilities that begin over the summer, and without the help of Green, the workload has been heavy.

“I’ve been covering as much as I can, but she did a tremendous amount of work and I can’t cover it all,” Morrissey said. “The transfer counselor, so to speak, is the one that does the workshops and the tag applications and all of that. That’s going on at the same time as this, so there were some challenges with it, I’m going to be honest with you.”

When it came to publicity for Transfer Day, however, everyone stepped up to the plate.

“(Publicity) was normally Scheanelle, but we’ve all done it,” Morrissey said.

The organization and hard work that was put into the event showed, as many college representatives were pleased with LPC’s reception both from the students and from the faculty.

“I’ve had probably about forty students come up to my table already, which is really good, especially for a college fair,” Shayla Walker, college representative for Sacramento State, said. “The food is good, the location is good. A lot of college fairs are not well-promoted, but this college fair is in a good area where the students are passing by and seems to be well-promoted.”

The students are certainly benefiting from Transfer Day, as it helps them to prepare for the future.

“It’s good for me to look ahead and view what’s out there,” said student Nathan Bolin. “San Jose State has a really great international business program, and Berkeley is just good at everything. And they’re both here.”

Even without a Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Day ran smoothly. LPC was a welcoming host to the visiting colleges, which will be back next fall semester when a fresh batch of students will be prepared to transfer from LPC to the next stages of learning.


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