Specialized degrees offers fast track to four-year schools

Justin Edrington
Staff Writer

Students who are trying to transfer from Las Positas may find it’s now easier to achieve.

Las Positas college has implemented new 1440 degrees. Starting this fall semester students now have the option to pursue an AS-T degree or an AA-T degree. The T stands for transfer and with it comes a whole new articulation agreement between the California community colleges and the California State University colleges.

SB-1440 now arms students with another way to meet their educational goals by transferring out of the California community college system with guaranteed admission into a CSU school.

“What is unique about the 1440 is that the CSU system has identified certain impacted majors and is working with the community colleges to create a more uniform system,” Las Positas counselor Angella VenJohn said. “They have tried to standardize it and create a more uniform curriculum that both the CSU and CCC can agree on.”

Certain majors in the California State University school system and the University of California system require different prerequisites. With all of the schools requiring separate curriculum it can make it difficult for a transferring student to be eligible and meet the requirements for multiple schools.

The newly enacted transfer degrees look to create a simple more broad education plan for many of the impacted majors today.

As of the fall 2012 semester Las Positas is offering two types of this new specialized degree, an Associate in Arts for transfer in Sociology and an Associate in Science for transfer in mathematics. Information about the AA-T and AS-T degrees can be found in the Las Positas college catalog where it outlines specific courses for each major.

If a student earns one of these new degrees they can expect guaranteed admission to a CSU with a junior level status in a major that is similar to the AA-T or AS-T major earned at the community college level. The new degrees also grant the student reduced grade point average standards along with a GPA bump for impacted majors of 0.1 and a GPA bump for impacted campuses of 0.2. In addition the degrees mandate that once accepted a CSU cannot require the student to take more than 60 additional semester units to finish their degree. The new transfer degrees will save a student time and money at both the community and state college levels.

More transfer degree majors will become available as the CSU and CCC work together to create similar transfer degrees in more impacted disciplines.

“More transfer degrees are coming down the pike as they work out the kinks”, counselor Angella VenJohn said. “It is great for students.”


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