NFL referees apparently more important than everything else

Instead of presidential debates this fall, to increase interest, I’d suggest a presidential punt, pass and kicking competition.

Ever since the controversial end to the Packers-Seahawks Monday Night Football game, I’ve heard more conversation about it in two days then I’ve heard people talk about the presidential election all year.

It’s estimated that $150 million shifted hands in bets on one poor replacement referee decision.

But really, who cares? Let’s get some perspective here— it’s just football.

While you were busy checking your fantasy team, or worrying about Monday night’s game, the middle class in America was still disappearing and the Middle East was still in chaos.

There are a whole litany of other things going on in the world, both positive and negative that are more worthy of your attention.

It’s a testament to the short attention span of many in this country that more people are discussing a blown call in a football game than the fact that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York at the United Nations this week.

The ever-present threat of a war between Israel and Iran casts doubt over all world events.

Except for the quality of the replacement officials, we all know they were terrible.

The top trending topics on Twitter follow the same order— NFL commissioner Roger Goddell, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, National Football League and then, finally, Iran.

Not to mention the fast there is an election this Nov.

We as a nation will choose the leader of the free world for the next four years. We face a monumentally important choice between two very different visions of America that will guide our direction for a generation.

After the presidential punt, pass, kick competition, perhaps to settle the Middle East conflict, we can arrange an impromptu football game. Ahmadinejad and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can be the head coaches.

Barack Obama can be the replacement official.

At least the TV ratings would be enormous. No one seems to care unless someone gets tackled.

I know that a lot of people would say football gives them something to momentarily distract them from the ills of the world.

But the possibility of World War III, or a presidential election or the disappearing middle class should take a backseat to any sport.

OK, now that I’m done writing this piece and the NFL referee lockout has ended— we as a nation can get back to what really matters, hating the actual officials.

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