My brighter, sober future

Jason Leskiw
Sports Editor

As a recovering alcoholic, there are some things I don’t mind sharing and some I do. One thing I don’t mind sharing is that before 2006, my life was virtually non-existent.

From having a diminished family life, to ruining multiple long term friendships, to finding myself in severe financial despair.

In 2006, I finally made the decision that enough was enough — I could not be a productive member of society if I kept partying every time the opportunity presented itself. I could never have achieved the goals that I am now capable of achieving. I got sober. 100 percent, stone cold sober.

There are several ways of initiating the process, but mine was through an outpatient drug and alcohol program in Oakland — a part of Kaiser that most don’t think of. The first step of the process was simple. I made a phone call to the local Kaiser and after 15 minutes, I was set to show up the next day.

Since then my life has become much improved. I am able to function like a human. I have people in my life who are willing to help in times of need and I don’t need to worry about being on the wrong side of the law.


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