Project Truth sparks debate, turns stomachs on campus with abortion images

Rebekka Wiedenmeyer

On September 17 and 18, a pro-life organization titled Project Truth visited LPC. The volunteers handed out flyers to whoever would take them, shared their views with whoever would listen and displayed graphic images to all that walked by.

Usually when Project Truth visits universities and state colleges, the atmosphere is less than warm. In a situation that is singular to junior colleges, however, the mixed response at LPC was for the most part both positive and friendly.

“The students, even the ones who disagree with us, are willing to talk,” said Don, a Project Truth volunteer who declined to give his last name. “Four years ago we were here and we got a terrible response. Four years later, it’s like night and day.”

Las Positas College is the fifth stop in the Fall Project Truth College Campus Tour. The Tour visits a group of 12 colleges stretching from southern California to Oregon, and it began at the end of August and lasts until the end of October.

Armed with a slogan that encourages people to “break down the wall of injustice,” Project Truth presented data to argue against abortion and graphic images to raise awareness.

“A lot of students have been open-minded and listening to our side to see where we’re coming from,” Diane, a volunteer who has been working for three years with Project Truth, said. “We believe that life begins at the moment of conception and that every baby should have the right to life.”

Signs were placed in the pathways leading to the front of the library where the protest was held. Though they read “warning: graphic images ahead,” they did not prepare some students for the large pictures of broken, bloody and slaughtered fetuses displayed for all to see.

“I personally find it highly disturbing that they’re making us look at these pictures,” Georgina Sousa, an LPC student, said. “I feel like it’s the woman’s choice if she wants to have an abortion. It’s her body. You have your views, I have my views, I respect their views, but it’s when they’re blatantly throwing it at our faces that it gets too far.”

In its informational packet, Project Truth asks “why must we show the disturbing images?”

“Words alone cannot clarify the issue of abortion,” Don said.

While some students have found the images to be disturbing, other students responded with a call for a change in society.

“I think it’s good to show awareness about abortion and be against it,” Leslie (last name omitted for privacy), an LPC student, said. “I think it’s selfish ‘cause it is a woman’s choice, but the baby has no choice. It’s helpless.”

Any organization is allowed to come onto the campus as long as it abides by campus safety rules

“As administrators, we take no position on any message nor do we take a position on the media in which it is displayed,” Kevin Walthers, president of Las Positas College, said.


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