Lady Hawks basketball has a new leader

Jason Leskiw
Sports Editor

The last season of Lady Hawks basketball team started well under the leadership of then coach Lindsay Wisely, but after the midway point, players started dropping from the team to focus on academics.

It’s been a difficult road to get some stability going with the Lady Hawks women’s basketball program but after five months and two coaches, Las Positas might have found it.

Two coaches left the Las Positas women’s basketball program during the offseason, Lindsay Wisely and interim coach Toni West, and a new coach has arrived.

A coach that has more than 20 years of coaching experience and may lead the centerpiece of the women’s sports program, the Lady Hawks, in their new season in what Athletics Director Dyan Miller thinks is one of the best in the state.

“I feel like he gives real good advice,” said returning center Carlie Bonderer.  “He’ll point out some of the little things you’re doing wrong and it’ll make a big difference.  Taking a deep breath before a free throw has increased my free throw percentage a lot.”

She says the new coach she is speaking of is named Clarence Morgan.

The hiring of this new coach is not official, but is expected.  He’s already been working with the Lady Hawks and the players seem to like the new director of the program.

“Our new coach gets respect without yelling, he gets respect by his overall appearance,” said Bonderer.  “He gets us to do what we need to do because we know that he’s talented, he knows what he’s talking about.”

Toni West, the woman that started the program, was hired for an interim period before leaving to move across the country after Wisely departed from the team to tend to family needs, as told by Miller.

“She had family commitments,” said Miller.  “She basically had two full time jobs; she wanted to raise her family.”

Wisely gave birth to her second child just before the beginning of the 2011 season and also works at Antioch High School.

“It’s just (hard) not being able to keep them,”  Miller said.

“With West, she was here the first time and was so successful in her very first year and then she got scooped up by San Francisco State.

The women’s head coach pos­­ition is not a full-time job on paper, though it requires a full-time commitment, which makes it difficult to retain personnel.

Other schools, like San Francisco State, are always scouring for the best coaches, making it even more difficult to retain personnel.

During the beginning of her absence, West was hired, but left for similar reasons.  She became engaged to be married and made the decision to move cross-country to fulfill that commitment.

LPC women’s basketball squad is preparing to begin their season with their third coach in four years and without a winning season since the first coach, Toni West, departed originally.

Any chances of the Lady Hawks having success this summer figures to rest on Morgan.


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