It’s time for a new iPhone, again

By Joshua Basrai
A&E Editor

It’s the sleekest, fastest, most powerful Apple phone to date. The wait for the iPhone 5 is finally over after it was announced on September 12 at an event held in San Francisco.

“This is the best phone we’ve ever made,” Apple executive Phillip Schiller stated during the September 12 event.

With its latest iPhone release, Apple intends to separate the iPhone 5 from the rest of its competitors. Introducing new operating system known as iOS 6, Apple now provides their own services very similar to its Android counterpart.  With a sleeker, thinner, and better frame it is expected by many now be the smallest smartphone on the market. Another issue with previous iPhones has been the absence of 4G-LTE compatibility, the fastest wireless network. Apple has resolved all the previous issues of its predecessors and at the same time created a very innovative product.

“Apple has tried to make this the most cutting edge device they’ve ever made. With the new digital 8-pin connector, increased screen size and 4G-LTE compatibility, they’ve put themselves as the frontrunner in the ever-growing mobile industry,” said Babak Kamkar, an LPC student and unofficial Apple enthusiast.

Tech aficionados are already drooling at Apple’s new product. With over 400 million iOS devices sold through June 2012, cell phone carriers are already anticipating huge sales. Most cell phone carriers, including Verizon and Sprint, will have an employee vacation blackout from September 21 through the 28 due to the anticipation of heavy sales.

Prices for the iPhone 5 will be: $199 for 16GB of memory space, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. It will be released on September 21, with pre-orders taken on September 14. You can expect long lines for Apple’s most anticipated device of the decade.

Upon first glance, the new iPhone is more of a refinement rather than a complete revamp. Apple is introducing the new A6 chip, which boasts a quad-core processor. In literal terms this means it will be very fast, perhaps even the fastest phone on the market. Despite this increase in power, the new chip will be 22 percent smaller than the previous A5 chip.

As the two powerhouses of the mobile industry continue to battle, users will have to say sayonara to Google maps and hello to Apple’s new map service. People who have been following the tech juggernauts closely know about their very public break-up. The new map service offers turn-by-turn navigation, something from which iPhone users have been deprived.

YouTube, another service provided by Google, will not readily be available on the device, but will instead be available for free in the App store. This is actually good news, for many iPhone users who believe the YouTube app is long overdue for an update.

“The YouTube app has not been updated since the first iPhone, I’ve been using YouTube mobile through my browser instead,” LPC student Jacob Anderson said.

The design is entirely made of glass and aluminum. Despite having a larger 4-inch display, the new iPhone will be the thinnest, lightest version yet. The phone itself will weigh 112 grams and will be 7.6 mm thick; making it significantly smaller than the iPhone 4s.

This will be 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4s. The front-facing camera will now feature 720P compatibility, instantly becoming the best front-facing camera in the mobile market.

The most controversial of changes perhaps may be Apple finally bidding a farewell to the 30-pin doc connector, which has been in production since 2003.  Replacing the 30-pin doc connector will be a smaller, sleeker, digital 8-pin connector called “Lightning.”

The most eye-popping change with the connector is that it will be 80 percent smaller, and it will be reversible. Users will be able to plug in the new connector either way.

Siri now also knows sports. Want to know the score of the Raider game? Siri has you covered. Need to check your fantasy team? Siri will launch Yahoo Fantasy Football. In addition to implementing sports, Siri will also bring up all the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for new movies in theatres.

Another new feature is Facebook compatibility. Siri will let you post a status that you dictate to her.  Ultimately, Siri will make the laziest smartphone users even lazier. But users are not complaining, given that voice recognition software is the new it thing.

The iPhone is finally joining the 4G network, with 4G-LTE readily available on the iPhone 5. For those who are not acclimated with cell phone lingo, 4G-LTE is the fourth generation of wireless networks, which features greater download and bandwidth speeds. The iPhone 4s is currently one of the last smart phones left on the market that does not have 4G-LTE capabilities.

Users will now be able to facetime over wireless networks, something that was not available in previous phones. Before users had to connect to WiFi to use the facetime service provided by Apple. Now, with 4G-LTE capabilities,

iPhone users will have the ability to use the facetime function.
Will all of these changes; the iPhone 5 separates itself from its predecessors. Students across LPC and all around the world will be anticipating the release. Even some Android loyalists will make the change.

“I’ve had an Android phone for the last two years,” LPC student Omid Malik said. “When the iPhone 4 came out months later, it was not nearly as good as the HTC EVO, and that was a big disappointment. This time around, Apple is setting the bar for the first time since the first iPhone came out. I truly believe this is the best phone money can buy today.”


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