LPC needs to drum up school spirit

Martin Gallegos

If you go to a basketball game at Las Positas College, you would think the fans were in prison with their lack of enthusiasm. Oh, I’m sorry, prisons are actually crowded unlike the “The Nest.”

For those who don’t know, which is everyone since every game is empty, “The Nest” is the nickname of the gym here at LPC.

Why is every game empty?

The answer to that is anyone’s guess. Coaches say they get the word out for upcoming home games. Students say they have no idea when games are going on.This is a shame. You look around at other colleges in the bay area and you will find students decked out in their school gear ready to lose their mind and voice at a game.

How can we make that magic happen here at LPC? This I can answer for you.

Tickets. The school needs to make ticket sales more accessible to the students. We need to have people set up booths around campus selling tickets for upcoming games.

Rallies. The mens basketball team made it to the playoffs this past season, just two games shy of the state championship and not one student was excited about that. We need to have rallies on campus to get students pumped up for their team.  Let’s make Kipanga, our school mascot, useful. Have him jump on a trampoline and do a 360 dunk or something.

Get the community involved. There’s no other college of this magnitude in the tri-valley area. Putting some advertisements in the local newspapers is a sure way to attract people to games.

All this may be pointless if people still decide they’re still too cool to show up to games, but at least it’s an attempt to drum up interest.

Right now there is about as much school spirit on campus as you see at your average funeral.


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