Two Las Positas runners qualify for state competition

Martin Gallegos

Two of LPC’s finest track stars will be representing our school as they compete for state supremacy this weekend.

19-year-old sophomore Norman Weekes, who prefers to go by Will Weekes, and 20-year- old freshman Scott Trummer have qualified to go to the Track & Field State Championships in Los Angeles.

Only the state’s best runners are selected to go this meet, so for these two friends to be selected to represent their team at finals is definitely something they cherish.

Sports tend to create a bond between teammates and these two are no different. Weekes believes the friendship the two have formed helped them all year to qualify for the tournament.

“Scotty and I have become best friends between cross country and track season,” Weekes said. “Running hard with some- one twice a week creates a unique bond that only athletes under- stand.”

Trummer’s rise to the top is unique considering this is his first year of track. He decided to try it out after simply running to stay in shape in the summer. It turned out to be an excellent choice.

“I played soccer up until a couple of years ago and didn’t start running until last July,” Trummer said.

Weekes, who is the captain of the team, has been involved in track since the 4th grade and in cross-country since the 7th grade. Before the season began, he and his team had set a goal of having more than two teammates qualify for state but he is still satisfied with the results.

“This past season I wanted three distance guys to go to the state meet,” Weekes said, “but Scotty Trummer is going so I’m happy. It’s amazing to perform well in the races with someone you train with twice a week.”

The state championships are a test for any runner to prove they are the best and Weekes cer- tainly is up for that challenge. He already has a list of goals he wants to achieve this weekend before it’s all said and done.

“This weekend I really want to improve my 1500 time, but most importantly I want to compete and get top six in each competition,” Weekes said.

For Trummer, he just wants to go out and leave everything on the track. If he leaves that last meet knowing he gave it his all, it would mean the world to him.

“If I can come away from the race saying I couldn’t have done any better then I will be happy,” Trummer said.

Will Weekes or “wonder boy”, as he is sometimes referred to by his teammates, is in his final year of eligibility at LPC. Even though he plans to continue his cross country and track career this fall at Cal State East Bay, he won’t forget his time spent here at LPC that he gives credit to for his immense improvement.

“I will remember myself as a very improved runner,” Weekes said, “both coaches have taught me so much and I am blessed to have them both on my side.”

Even though he is a freshman in terms of eligibility, Trummer will also be moving on from LPC and on to UC Davis to study applied physics. He will try to run for their track team as well.

Trummer give an immense amount of credit to his coaching staff and to his friend and men- tor Will Weekes, for pushing him through the pain and eventually helping him get to state.

“Will has been a great leader and mentor.” Trummer said. “The coaching staff has been great as well. Without Will there pushing me every practice I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am right now.”

One of those coaches that have garnered much praise from Weekes and Trummer is Assistant Coach Geoff Smyth. Smyth is ecstatic to have two of his guys representing the school this weekend at the final meet and expects both to have a good performance.

“I’m so happy for those two,” said Smyth. “The whole team did well this season but Will and Scott really did an amazing job and worked their butts off to get to State. They earned it.”

Being selected to represent LPC at the state championships is a sign to Trummer that they have both arrived. They have reached the goal that they set as a team before the season began.

“This means it has been a successful season, not just for me, but the coaching staff as well,” Trummer said. “I’m happy that all the hard work me and Will put in has paid off.”

For Weekes, he would love nothing more than to go out with a bang. A strong showing in his final meet as an LPC athlete would be the icing on the cake for what has been an already out-standing season.

He finishes his career with many state records including a top 30 time in the Men’s 1500 meter race. Weekes will use this motivation as fuel to keep going in case he starts to feel a little fatigued.

“It’s just more incentive to run fast and not give in to the pain,” Weekes said.

“The fact that this is my last race as a community college student makes the race even more important. I’m excited!”


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