Las Positas to bring fireworks back to Livermore

Nick DeRenzi

A broken 28 year tradition will soon be revived at Las Positas College.

Livermore’s annual Fourth of July firework celebration, cancelled indefinitely in 2010 because of budget cuts by the City and the Livermore Area Recreation Parks District, will be held this summer at LPC. In addition to renewing a popular Livermore event, the fireworks show will raise revenue for the school itself.

“It’s a great opportunity to serve our community,” Walthers said, “and to invite our neighbors up to use the incredible facilities that they generously voted for.”

In April the committee and the Chabot Las Positas Board of Trustees settled on allowing LPC to become this year’s location. The track and soccer field are designated viewing location.

“So long as attendees use blankets and not chairs,” LPC President Kevin Walthers said.

Along with providing location and some parking for the event, LPC made a deal to be approved by the CLPCCD Board and the Livermore City Council that the college will make $8,000 based on ticket sales, according to Walthers. Along with organizing fundraiser and finding sponsors the committee had to find a new location due to limited space at the old location, Robertson Park.
The event was also canceled in part because of the high cost involved in holding it. The LARPD and city of Livermore reported that the cost of the celebration in 2010 alone was $100,000.

A group of community organizers created the Livermore Fireworks Committee this last January to raise the needed money to fund the whole celebration. As of May 9 the LFC had $28,000 in donations.

The LFC in their committee meeting minutes for April 25, is expecting “a crowd of 10,000 to 15,000 maximum”.

“We are still trying to work out a sharing arrangement on concessions” said Walthers. “We anticipate that being done in June”.

LPC faculty is not expected to provide services for the event.

“We do not anticipate that public safety or maintenance and operations will be needed for the event,” Walthers said. “The City of Livermore is providing police coverage and the volunteer group is working diligently to ensure that all clean-up is done with volunteers. Any additional services provided by the college will be funded through the event revenue”.

The LFC has already made a down payment to Pyro Spectaculars with a fifty percent deposit of $11,250, the full balance is due July 5.

President Walthers on May 11 also signed the permit which was sent to the city of Livermore. Walthers expressed his hopes to make this an annual event at LPC.


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