Editorial: Classified staff can not be first to go in budget cuts

Just last week the Associated Students of Las Positas voted to approve using their funds to partially finance the salary of their Staff Assistant, Sheri Moore.

This is due to budget cuts and redistribution of funds affecting colleges all across California. Based on recent budget projections, LPC will need to cut seven positions total in the near future.

Now even with ASLPC taking on the burden of financing half a classified employee’s salary, there is the potential for others to lose their jobs. The classified employees at LPC are not where we should be cutting from because they are the grease that makes the machine run.

A classified employee is any person who is not a teacher or administrator and provides staff support.

There are more than 100 classified employees that range from counseling assistant, custodial, early childhood development specialist, athletics assistant, and many more.

Even here at The Express our Business Manager, a professional journalist, is under classified and at risk of being cut. This would very much affect our day-to-day activities and functionality. It would change the image of our newspaper.

When the college and the board sits down and decides where to cut and carve at Las Positas, they should clearly think through every decision because every person who is taken out of the equation will have work to be redistributed.

This could severely hurt programs at the college, which is the unfortunate reality that maybe cutting classes could be the better option.

Every serious student has had the experience of being in a class- room with students who have no desire to be there. Students who, despite the repeated protestations of the teacher, simply won’t keep quiet. One can speculate as to why they’re there but it’s not much of a stretch to assume that someone is requiring them to attend classes.

Our school’s classified employees all are greatly committed to Las Positas and the loss of just one is devastating to them, their department and the students they serve.

If classifieds are fired, eventually when the school will have more money and will want to bring classified employees back one by one. That will be a long, painstaking process of selection. Bringing classes back is substantially easier.

It is an unsatisfactory feeling to advocate for the cutting of classes but the reality we face is in trying to make the “lesser of two evils” decision.


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