A message from ASLPC: Organization’s role will not change under new ASLPC body

As the school year comes to a close, so does my Presidency. It has been my sincere honor to have served as the student body President over the past year, and I’ve grown tremendously from the experience.

It is truly remarkable looking back at our accomplishments this year. In addition to strengthening or introducing new events on campus, such as the first ever Neon Night rave, I have been pleased with our ability to evolve into the primary role of playing advocate.

When it comes to advocacy, I believe the Associated Students of Las Positas College has done an exceptional job represent- ing the interests of students. In Sacramento we lobbied for legislation related to the Middle Class Scholarship, and we’ve lobbied to keep the Cal Grant intact. In DC, the focus was on preserving Pell Grant and subsidized student loans.

Advocacy is not limited to state and federal politics, either. We’ve advocated on the local level as well— working with the health and wellness center to ensure that students have access to preventative health services. As a result of this team effort, Planned Parenthood is available for students every Friday.

The ASLPC is your representative body, and helps facilitate much needed dialogue between students and the various constituency groups on campus. This year we fought hard to ensure that students were involved with cam- pus developments. Moving forward, I am hopeful that students will have an even greater involvement in shared governance.

As the year comes to an end, and the new administration takes its place, it’s important to realize that our objective will not deviate: it will always be about representing the interest of students. Students First.

Written by Amir Salehzadeh, outgoing
ASLPC President

This is the final installment in a five part ASLPC column series in the Express


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